Active Video Watching


Videos enable independent self-regulated learning where students familiarise themselves with or revisit key concepts in their own time.  However, watching videos is inherently a passive form of learning, often resulting in a low level of engagement.

We have developed an active video watching platform (AVWSpace) that allows video use for informal learning. This taps into students’ experiences with social video-sharing platforms (e.g. YouTube) and integrates interactive note-taking during video watching. In addition to supporting active engagement, note-taking leaves richer traces than standard log files. This allows us to investigate student engagement, relate interaction to the learner’s knowledge, identify important learner characteristics that impact engagement, discover patterns of engagement. All this informs a framework for adaptive interventions in the form of personalised nudges to promote learner engagement and increase effectiveness of active video watching.


  • University of Leeds, UK: Dr. Vania Dimitrova, Dr. Lydia Lau, Dr. Alicja Piotrokowicz
  • University of Canterbury, New Zealand: Prof. Tanja Mitrovic
  • University of Adelaide, Australia: Dr.  Amali Weerasinghe
  • University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany: Prof. Ulrich Hoppe, Dr. Thomas Hecking


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