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Augmenting Human Intelligence

Our aim is building intelligent systems that help people make sense of data, take decisions in complex settings, expand their knowledge, learn from experience, and develop self-regulation skills. We develop computational models of people's conceptual structures by combining ontology engineering and machine learning methods; devise knowledge-driven approaches for modelling individuals, groups, and communities; and develop intelligent interactive interventions to provide personalised user-adapted support. This is cross-disciplinary research in collaboration with Engineering, Social Science, Education and Psychology, actively involving end users.

Who we are

Vania Dimitrova

Associate Professor,

Lab Director

Lydia Lau

Associate Professor

Alicja Piotrkowicz

Research Fellow, based at the Leeds Institute of Medical Education

Dhaval Thakker

Visiting Research Fellow; Lecturer at the University of Bradford

Marwan Al-Tawil

PhD Research Student

Entisar Abolkasim

PhD Research Student

Paul Brown

PhD Research Student

Research Summaries

Ontology-empowered Decision Support for Sustainable Streetworks

Using Semantic Technologies in Tunnel Diagnosis and Maintenance

Ontological Approach to System Safety Analysis

Modelling Diversity in Social Content

Modelling Social Media Popularity of News Using Headline Text

Interactive Exploration of Knowledge Graphs